5G Telstra Update: Telstra has completed 5G tests using their repurposed 3G bandwidth frequencies within their network allowing 5G to operate in the low-band 850MHz spectrum. This will no doubt increase 5G Telstra coverage in areas across Australia making the 5G network accessible for more people. 

We have confirmation that the G31 CEL-FI GO mobile signal booster device will eventually get a firmware update which will theoretically allow 5G low-band to be available to consumers without the need to upgrade your existing cellular frequency antenna and/or G31 device. Other mid and high band 5G frequencies will not be available on the G31 for the foreseeable future.

Please note that 5G high-band frequencies are rarely available in remote areas where a CEL-FI GO is commonly used. The 4G network will still be the backbone of cellular data and communication in Australia for the foreseeable future even when the 3G network is eventually switched off by the end of 2024.

  • Low Bands - Under 1GHz (Telstra 850MHz)
  • Mid Bands - 1 GHz to 6 GHz (Telstra 3.5 & 3.6GHz)
  • High Bands - 24 GHz to 40 GHz

Buy with full confidence knowing that the G31 CEL-FI GO will still be relevant for many years to come!

NO Monthly Fees or Recurring Charges!


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CEL-FI GO G31, G32 & G41 Phone Signal Booster Repeaters Explained

There are 3 different CEL-FI GO signal repeater devices available that are 100% legal to use in Australia backed by Australian Carrier Networks and are ACMA exempt.

CEL-FI GO repeater devices sold in Australia are configured differently to overseas variants and may not feature the same functionalities such as the ability to select and change carriers for the G31 and G32 products.

Australia's best mobile smart phone & cell signal booster! Network carrier approved + ACMA exempt.

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Single Band 3G or 4G (GREY) REPEATER

  • Single Band Operation - Boost either 3G or 4G, NOT at the same time
  • Carrier Locked - Each device supports 1 carrier only at the time of purchase
  • Performance - User Selectable 70dBi or 100dBi
  • Most Popular - Largest numbers deployed across Australia
  • Cost Effective - Best value for money repeater device
  • Suitable for both Mobile Vehicle & Stationary Site Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • Australian versions DO NOT support Carrier Switching
  • Effective Coverage - Up to 1200 m² when configured correctly
Cel-Fi Go G32


Dual Band 3G + 4G (BLACK) REPEATER

  • Dual Band Operation - Boosts both 3G & 4G at the same time
  • Carrier Locked - Each device supports 1 carrier only at the time of purchase
  • Performance - 100dBi Industry Leading Gain
  • Suitable for both Mobile Vehicle & Stationary Site Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • Vodafone - Most cost effective solution for this carrier
  • Australian versions DO NOT support Carrier Switching
  • Effective Coverage - Up to 1500 m² when configured correctly


Tri Band 3G + 4G + 5G (GREY) REPEATER

  • Tri Band Operation - Automatically Boosts 2 of the 3 best preforming bands at the same time
  • Carrier Switching - Device is Compatible with Telstra + Optus + Vodafone
  • No Crossover - Device can only operate on 1 Network Carrier at a time
  • Limited 5G* - Operates on 5G 700MHz, not 3.6GHz
  • Expensive - More than Double the Price of a G31 device
  • Effective Coverage - Up to 3000 m² when configured with supplied antennas
  • Currently NOT Recommended for Mobile Applications

In Australia, mobile signal coverage isn’t always the best, and something that many people struggle with. The use of a mobile signal booster, smart phone signal booster, cell signal booster and 4G signal boosters can go a long way to solving these problems.

CEL-FI GO G31 devices are one of the only "100% LEGAL" to use mobile smart phone signal booster repeater devices that are Australian Carrier Approved by both Telstra and Optus gaining official ACMA exemptions.
Compatible with current Australian 3G, 4G and 4GX Voice and Data cellular requirements, the Cel-Fi GO G31 Mobile offers first carrier-class mobile cellular coverage solution that is supported by Telstra and Optus for the best smart phone, mobile and cell devices. . 
Cel-Fi GO Mobile leverages artificial intelligence and award-winning Intelliboost signal processing to delivery an industry leading voice and data wireless performance for mobile customers who are on the move. Multiple users subscribed to the same cellular network (for example Telstra) for their mobile, smart phone or cell service, can all simultaneously enjoy the improved signal reception that can make the difference from having 3G only reception to 4G.
With an IP54 weather resistant rating and no interference with other wireless devices, the Cel-Fi GO mobile signal repeater product is the ideal solution for vehicles, trucks, farm office, work shed, recreational adventures and boats.


CEL-FI GO Devices are backed by a 24 Months Australian Warranty.

Australian Antenna Warranty

  • RFI Australian Made Antennas come with 12 Months Australian Warranty.
  • BENELEC Australian Made Antennas have a 5 Year Australian Warranty.
  • BLACKHAWK Antennas have a 5 Year Australian Warranty.

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