When traffic flow is delayed or impacted, variable L.E.D. message displays play a vital role as it allows emergency vehicles to convey critical messages and important information to other road users. Studies have proven that when drivers are kept informed, they better understand the situation as they read the messages displayed on an L.E.D. message display. This then helps prepare driver expectations whilst keeping them informed which raises awareness and improves safety.

Here at REDFLEET, we only promote the latest design and technology in L.E.D. message displays. The M5 MATRIX display features the highest text character for a rear mounted light bar display allowing clear text characters to be legible at greater distances away. With exceptional weatherproofing comparing to the previous generation of products, the M5 L.E.D. display uses an all new O-LED controller for users to scroll and select pre-programmed messages.

Every emergency response and commercial work vehicle should have a L.E.D. message display if their line of work involves the management of live traffic and roads. If your vehicle features AMBER warning lights, a RED M5 message display is recommended to ensure maximum contrasting effect. If your vehicle features RED & BLUE warning lights, then an AMBER variable message display should be adopted.


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