Two Way CB UHF Radios From REDFLEET


Hand Held Portable Radio Kits

These portable radio kits are designed for those on the go. Constructed from hardy materials and with models featuring dust and water resistance, these radio kits are made to withstand fast, high pressure environments with ease.

These radios are ideal in a variety of professions that require immediate communication in often busy environments. These include hospitality, event management, medical sectors, and different kinds of emergency services.
With a 5-year warranty on the radio and 80 channel UHF CB, these compact and simple to use radios are highly flexible, which makes them an investment to be used for years to come.

Two Way Radio Kits For Cars

Two way radio kits designed for cars and similar vehicles allow users to communicate with other radio owners with ease. The physical design of the radio allows for the user to store the unit in an area out of reach, while leaving the microphone itself in an easily reachable position.

The main unit of the Icom radio kit is compact which allows for easy storage, but these kits also boast some excellent radio features. Selectable output power, a noise cancelling microphone and voice recorder are just a few of the elements found in the newly designed user interface.

Find out more about the Icom range

If you have any questions about radios in the Icom range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Redfleet Safety today. We’d be more than happy to clarify any enquiries you have and help you choose the right radio for your situation. For increased vehicle safety, make sure to browse our selection of beacon lights and GPS fleet tracking.


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