REDFLEET offers an exclusive range of roof mounted L.E.D. warning light bars to cater for a wide variety of industry applications. Available in 5 unique models and a range of sizes, our emergency lightbars are suitable for most Australian vehicle makes and models. Whether you need warning light bar that features multiple functions like take downs, alley lights, mine spec and illuminated sign box, or just a powerful 360 degree day time visible flashing modes, REDFLEET has the right warning lightbar for your vehicle.


We offer a unique range of L.E.D. Warning Light Bars for Emergency, Security, Incident Response, Road Works and Commercial Utility vehicles. Designed to be mounted on the highest point of a vehicle, L.E.D. Safety Light Bars provide exceptional 360 degree warning visibility to other road users, enhancing safety for your crew.

Starting with our CRUISER series lightbars, which are perfect for vehicles that require warning functions only without needing to compromise on performance, visibility and user-selectable flashing patterns.

The CRUISER-X multi-function led light bars comes standard with added features including high powered forward facing take down lights and side facing alley spot lights for security patrol and night works vehicles where scene illumination is essential. Optional Mine-Spec CRUISER-X lightbars will feature brake, tail, indicator and reverse lights for enhanced safety and visibility at mine sites, airports, seaports and rail corridors.

If you need a highly versatile heavy-duty lightbar platform, look no further than our STRIKER-X led lightbars. Featuring durable extruded alloy housing design with the flexibility of full dual-colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. technology allowing the same vehicle to perform multiple roles. For example, AMBER mode during non emergency situations, and RED + BLUE for emergency responses.

The next level up, we are proud to introduce our first Tri-Colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. lightbar! The all-new RESPONDER-X tri-colour L.E.D. light bar adopts full digital serial connectivity allowing for advanced configurations and programming to be achieved so that individual modules can be programmed to feature different colours and multiple functions for maximum versatility. Auto dimming feature enhances night time safety whilst during the day, the RESPONDER-X can automatically increase its brightness level for exceptional performance.

5 Unique REDFLEET Light Bars

CRUISER L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Available in 6 Standard Sizes

  • 360 Degree Warning Functions Only

  • Single Colour L.E.D. Modules

CRUISER-X Multi-Function L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Integrated Front & Side High Powered Spot Lights

  • 360 Degree Warning Functions

  • Single Colour L.E.D. Modules

  • Optional Sign Box for Printed Decal Sticker

  • Optional Mine Spec with Brake, Tail, Indicator & Reverse Lights

STRIKER-X Dual-Colour Multi-Function L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Heavy-Duty Low Profile Extruded Alloy Housing

  • Dual-Colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. Modules

  • Integrated Front & Side High Powered Spot Lights

  • 360 Degree Warning Functions in up to 2 Modes

RESPONDER-X Tri-Colour Digital L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Durable Low Profile Hybrid Polycarbonate Alloy Housing Design

  • Tri-Colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. Modules

  • Integrated Front & Side High Powered Spot Lights

  • 360 Degree Warning Functions in up to 3 Modes

  • Auto Dimming Functionality Available

  • Digitally Programmable & Configurable

PURSUIT Two Level Multi-Function L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Uniquely Designed with Two Complete Levels of Lighting

  • Single or Dual Colour L.E.D. Modules with ProAxis Optics

  • Code 3 DNA Ready

  • Designed by the Australian Code 3 Team



At REDFLEET Safety, we are the top choice when it comes to Code 3 LED lightbars, police sirens and more. If you’re looking to get your roof mounted LED light bar for your cars or trucks, fill out an enquiry form on our contact page or give us a call on 1800 733 358 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Roof Mounted LED Light Bars for Trucks and Work Cars

REDFLEET Safety believes it is becoming increasingly vital to recognise important safety measures for motorists and the vehicles they're driving. As the road toll increases annually, so too does the need for precautions to be taken to ensure that you, your passengers, and fellow motorists are safe on Australia's roads. Therefore, REDFLEET provide Australian work vehicles with roof mounted LED light bars for cars, available for sale at our online store and for installation by one of our nationwide partners.

From roof mounted light bars for cars to LED light bar roof mounts for trucks, if you are a motorist or company owner looking to increase the safety standards of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, look no further than REDFLEET.

We have a network of partners throughout the country available to install our universal roof mount LED light bar products on your vehicle or fleet, simply get in touch with us to find out more. 

Universal LED Light Bars, Roof Mounts and More

At REDFLEET Safety, we don't skip out on selecting the highest quality, state of the art products to provide our valued customers. Whatever style of light bar you need for your vehicle, whether it be warning lights, safety, and emergency lights, our extended list of products are suitable for all makes of vehicle and operation. Our products are perfect for motorists and businesses such as those of the construction industry who need quality LED lighting to make other drivers aware of their presence on the road.

Check out our extensive range of high-quality, Australian Narva products.

If you have any further enquiries about REDFLEET Safety's extensive range of state-of-the-art Code 3 light bars for sale at our online store, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of staff. We are dedicated to assisting motorists and business owners in finding the perfect set of lights for their vehicle, to ensure full safety measures are met when installing your truck or car light bars.  


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