First in Australia, REDFLEET's L.E.D. Lifetime Warranty extends to an exclusive premium range of L.E.D. powered warning products based on the expected "lifetime" of a "man-made" electronic product that has not been altered, misused, abused or subjected to normal wear and tear.

  • L.E.D. powered warning products refer to L.E.D. based emergency, warning, flashing, strobing and simulated rotating lighting products. This does not include any Scene, Area, Flood, Spot or Driving lights as those products are under a different warranty program.

The reference of "lifetime" does not mean the lifetime of a human being or a Galapagos giant tortoise and may vary from product to product, subject to the proper installation, general use and care of the product. 

  • General use excludes marine, mining, military and other harsh or severely damaging product applications. 
  • Proper installation is in reference to the use of an Australian qualified auto-electrician to install the product on/in to your vehicle.

REDFLEET L.E.D. Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.

All REDFLEET branded products purchased in Australia are backed by an Australian Warranty that is in addition to any other consumer rights guaranteed under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Australian Consumer Law).

Products that feature the REDFLEET L.E.D. Lifetime Warranty badge include;

  • CRUISER NEX-GEN Series 360 Degree Warning Lights
  • HEAVY-DUTY Series Perimeter Warning Lights
  • POWERFLEX Series Perimeter Warning Lights


REDFLEET shall not be held liable for indirect, special exemplary, consequential or incidental damages arising from any failures, defects or misused products including death, property damage or personal injury. 

Product warranty covers the physical product only, any associated costs relating to the installation and/or removal of the product during troubleshooting or returning of goods will not be covered by REDFLEET under any circumstances.

REDFLEET is not responsible for failures or damages due to negligence, abuse, collisions, incorrect installation, modification, tampering or incorrect wiring of the product.

Upon inspection by REDFLEET, the product warranty will be voided if any product tampering, disassembly, modification, incorrect installation, use and/or damage caused by exceeding normal wear and tear has been identified.


As technology advances and new innovative products become available, current generation products may become obsolete and/or discontinued. When this occurs, REDFLEET reserves the right to offer an upgrade at a discounted price, or substitute with a product of equivalent value if available under the L.E.D. Lifetime Warranty program.


Historically, warranty claims are quite rare but should a product become defective, the consumer must return the product at their expense to the original place of purchase accompanied by the following;

  • Copy of the original invoice with date & place of purchase
  • Comprehensive description of the alleged defect in writing
  • Photos and/or videos of the original installed location showing the defect
  • Alleged defective product to be returned to REDFLEET at your expense

REDFLEET must first receive the "faulty" or "malfunctioned" product back for detailed testing and diagnostics before determining the outcome of a warranty claim.

Warranty period for replacement products continue the remaining time of the original warranty based on the original date of purchase as indicated on the original invoice.


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