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LED Warning, Flashing & Safety Lights for Emergency Response & Commercial Work Vehicles

REDFLEET offers an extensive range of the latest Vehicle Safety LED Lighting, police LED light bars, and other Emergency Warning Siren products that are most suitable for Australian vehicle applications, all available for sale at our online store. Our products utilise the latest advancements in LED technology and reflector optics design with superior brightness performance and extended diode life expectancy making them one of the most reliable warning lights available in Australia.

Occupational health and safety is paramount in today's work sites as authorities begin to enforce new safety standards that require all vehicles working in hazardous conditions to display a primary roof mounted 360 degree warning light visible from at least 200 meters away.

We provide our customers with the option to select our industry leading 6 Year warranty on our range of performance L.E.D. warning lights, customers can buy with confidence knowing they have access to high quality products that are tested and tried in Australia, backed by an extensive local warranty program.

What qualifies as a PRIMARY warning product ?

Primary warning products are considered a mandatory work safety standard in Australia for vehicles that operate in potentially hazardous situations. Primary warning products feature 360 degrees visual warning capability and must remain visually effective at a minimum distance of 200 metres during normal daylight conditions. Vehicles that operate on public roads with live traffic lanes, airports, rail corridors and conduct emergency response should feature primary warning products that meet SAE J845 Class 1 or ECE R65 Class 1 brightness performance standards.

Many Australian government departments have standard operational procedures and protocols for emergency response or pursuits which recommends a primary warning product be deployed and used during high risk traffic maneuvers.

Additional primary and/or secondary warning products may be used on a vehicle to meet the minimum visual safety requirements.

  • 360 Degree Visibility for Warning Lights
  • Minimum Australian Standard for Work Place Safety
  • Superior Daytime Performance
  • 3 Unique Product Categories
  • SAE / ECE Performance Standards

What are SECONDARY warning products ?

Secondary warning products are designed to work in addition to a vehicle's primary warning product in order to meet Australia's minimum safety requirements for vehicles. Secondary warning products commonly include but are not limited to perimeter lights, grille lights, internal dash lights and siren systems. 

Emergency response and commercial work vehicles may feature a permanently installed secondary warning light package but as a minimum, must still feature a deploy-able magnetic beacon or microbar light for when the vehicle enters or operates in a hazardous environment.

Arrow boards, message displays and siren systems should only be used when accompanied by primary warning products fitted to the same vehicle to ensure that all industry "best practice" and Australian safety standards are met and adhered to.

  • Complement Primary Products
  • Directional Perimeter Lights
  • Covert Internal Dash Lights
  • Emergency Vehicle Sirens & Speakers
  • Variable Message Displays
  • L.E.D. Directional Arrow Boards
  • Covert L.E.D. Hide-A-Ways

AUXILIARY Safety Products

  • Area Scene Work Lights
  • L.E.D. Driving Lights
  • Remote Control Search Lights
  • Controllers & Switch Panels
  • Reversing Alarms & Cameras
  • Public Safety Equipment
  • Rhino Rack Roof Racks
  • UHF Two Way CB Radios
  • GPS Fleet Tracking

Where to Install Warning L.E.D. Light Bars

Where would you like your safety light to be installed ? Our simulated concept vehicles below allow customers to get an idea of where our range of safety lighting products can be fitted and what they may look like on your vehicle.

Primary products including police light bars, mini bar lights, code 3 LED lights and beacon lights offer 360 degree warning capability and are best fitted to the highest practical point of a vehicle. Secondary products like perimeter lights and internal dash deck lights are added to complement the vehicle's primary warning light to achieve adequate 360 degree warning visibility.

Please note that all prices displayed on this website are Recommended Retail Prices which are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST. For a competitive quotation, please contact us directly.

A Range of Police Light Bars

What type of product are you after for your vehicle? Our extensive range of products are organised into common product categories and types making it easier for you to understand, learn and select.

Flashing lights for vehicles: Roof mounted LED Light Bars, Mini Bar Lights, and Beacon lights are the only Primary products that offer an adequate 360-degree warning capability. It is compulsory that all work vehicles be fitted with a Primary warning light as its main source of warning light.

Secondary products like L.E.D. perimeter grille surface mount lights, internal dash deck windscreen suction lights, and rear mounted traffic directional arrow message displays can be utilised in addition to a primary product to achieve an acceptable safety standard. Auxiliary products include L.E.D. Scene lights, work lights, flood lights, driving lights, remote control search lights and reversing cameras provide added capability to a work vehicle allowing crews to work safely in low light conditions. 

Please note that all prices displayed on this website are Recommended Retail Prices which are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST. For a competitive quotation, please contact us directly. 

Learn more about the Code 3 LED lights we have for sale today

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