Professional Vehicle Fit-Out Services

The Affordable Choice for Fleet Managers.

REDFLEET Automotive Upfitting Services is a leading vehicle installation service provider in Sydney, specialising in equipping passenger and commercial utility vehicles with the latest in automotive electronic safety products.

Our experienced team offers an affordable choice to fleet managers, fleet management organisations and private customers alike, as we are able to provide a universally compatible service regardless of what vehicle brand and/or custom tray body your fleet utilises.

Our same or next day completion guarantee applies to the vast majority of vehicle projects, as we hold an extensive range of product stock, allowing our customers to deploy their vehicles sooner with minimal downtime.

Our capability does extend to more comprehensive projects, which may include vehicle decal markings, advanced dual battery and power management systems. Whilst the majority of our projects involve passenger and commercial utility vehicles, our capability does extend to trucks, large vans and machinery too.

Our Exclusive & Extensive Product Range.

REDFLEET is best known for our very own exclusive range of Amber Safety Warning Lights, L.E.D. Lighting Technology and Siren Response Systems for automotive vehicles in Australia. We are also proud Australian distributors of Code3 by ECCO Safety Group for an advanced range of Red Blue emergency warning lights and pursuit siren technology.

Our team has extensive experience in the supply, programming, tuning and installation of two-way radio communications equipment from reputable brands like ICOM, MOTOROLA, TAIT, SIMOCO, GME, UNIDEN and ORICOM.

Advanced smart alternator auxiliary battery charging and power management systems from REDARC, PROJECTA, INTERVOLT and ENERDRIVE allows us to overcome the latest challenges presented to us by modern CANBUS vehicles.

In-Car video recording systems, commonly referred to as “dash cams” are proving quite popular with our customers as we offer a variety of solutions including brands like THINKWARE, BLACKVUE and VACRON.

We pioneered Magenta L.E.D. technology back in 2004, producing the first true Magenta coloured diode without mixing a red and blue diode together or using a purple coloured lens. Our true Magenta coloured L.E.D. lights are brighter and more efficient improving safety and visibility.

Automotive Accessories Installation Specialists

Many of our competitors would prefer to sell you a complete patient transport van with stretchers or a complete truck that can fight fires or pre-delivering thousands of brand new vehicles fresh off the boat that have just arrived in Australia. That's simply not what we do.

Our core specialty is in equipping passenger and commercial utility vehicles with;

  • Advanced L.E.D. Safety Warning Lights
  • Emergency Siren Speaker Systems
  • L.E.D. Work & Scene Lighting
  • Electronic L.E.D. Arrow Boards
  • In-Car Dash Recording Cameras
  • UHF CB Two Way Radios
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Systems
  • Smart Dual Battery Systems
  • Power Management Systems

Safety Lighting Products for Vehicles

  • L.E.D. Safety Warning Lights
  • L.E.D. Emergency Flashing Lights
  • Emergency Response Sirens & Speakers
  • L.E.D. Flood & Spot Work Lights for Night Works
  • Vehicle Area Scene Lighting

Two Way Communication Radios

  • ICOM Commercial Grade Job Site UHF Radios
  • GME Recreational UHF CB Two Way Radios
  • UNIDEN Trade Quality In-Car Mobile Radios
  • ORICOM Vehicle Two Way UHF CB Radios

Local Council Fleets

  • General Service & Support Vehicles
  • Ranger Enforcement Vehicles
  • Parking Patrol Vehicles
  • Road Works & Maintenance Vehicles
  • Covert Supervisor & Manager Vehicles
  • Magenta Coloured L.E.D. Warning Lights

Volunteer Emergency Services Fleets

  • Local Fire Brigades
  • Local Rescue Teams
  • Surf Rescue Life Saving Teams

Commercial Job Site Fleets

  • Tradie Works Vehicles
  • Commercial Utility Vehicles
  • Road Works & Maintenance Vehicles

State Government Fleets

  • Law Enforcement Police Vehicles
  • Covert Specialists Vehicles
  • Tactical Support Vehicles
  • Fire & Rescue Emergency Vehicles
  • Ambulance & Paramedic Vehicles
  • Incident Response Vehicles

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