What are vehicle beacon lights?

Beacons are usually round in shape in either mid or high-profile heights, belonging to the primary type of warning product. Beacon lights feature both flashing and rotating warning modes and are considered one of the oldest type of warning lamps available to the automotive industry.

The lights in these beacons emit a powerful amber light due to their size as a result of the high quality light source used within the polycarbonate housing. The significant light produced in a small form factor allows for excellent safety demonstration to be possible even in tight spaces.

Where is the best location on a vehicle to fit a Beacon Light?

As a primary type warning light, beacons are best fitted to the highest vantage point of a vehicle as it produces a true 360 degree warning light. Larger vehicles may require two to four beacons placed on each roof top corner of the vehicle to achieve adequate 360 degree warning capability. Temporary magnetic or pole mounted solutions are also available for Beacons to be deployed quickly and effectively.

What are the major differences between older Strobe, Halogen Rotator and L.E.D. Beacons?

Older beacons feature halogen rotator design requiring gears and belts to oscillate a mirror reflector around a light source. This later evolved into static strobe tubes generating an intense white light but was often very hot, consumes too much current and break too easily. The latest and most powerful beacons utilize L.E.D. technology in conjunction with innovative reflector optics design to maximize the effectiveness of the light produced by long life diodes. With clever solid-state design, user-select flashing and rotating patterns, and no moving parts, L.E.D. beacon lights have a longer service life and often carry a 5 Year warranty.

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SAE - North American Brightness Ratings

  1. BRIGHTEST - SAE J845 Class 1 (Suitable for Work Sites with Live Lanes)
  2. MINIMUM - SAE J845 Class 2 (Minimum for Work Sites)
  3. INDOOR - SAE J845 Class 3 (Not Suitable for Outdoors or Daytime Applications)

ECE - European Brightness Ratings

  1. BRIGHTEST - ECE R65 Class 2 (Suitable for Work Sites with Live Lanes)
  2. MINIMUM - ECE R65 Class 1 (Minimum for Work Sites)


  • Superior Daytime Performance
  • Guaranteed Daytime Visibility
  • SAE J845 & ECE R65 Rated
  • Available in 2 Unique Sizes
  • Choice of Magnetic or 3 Bolt Fixed Mount
  • Exclusive Flashing, Rotating & Combination Patterns
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready


  • Guaranteed Daytime Performance & Visibility
  • High Profile Size in Single or Full Dual Colour Combination
  • Superior Daytime Long Range Performance
  • SAE J845 & ECE R65 Rated
  • Exclusive Flashing, Rotating & Combination Patterns
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready



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