STRIKER-X (127cm / 50inch) "Dual-Colour" Heavy-Duty L.E.D. Warning Light Bar



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Introducing the all-new STRIKER-X Full "Dual-Colour" multi-function L.E.D. warning light bar featuring NEX-GEN L.E.D. technology with solid state electronics and heavy-duty alloy low profile housing design.

If you need a highly versatile heavy-duty lightbar platform, look no further than our STRIKER-X led lightbars. Featuring durable extruded alloy housing design with the flexibility of full dual-colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. technology allowing the same vehicle to perform multiple roles. For example, AMBER mode during non emergency situations, and RED + BLUE for emergency responses.

STRIKER-X warning light bars are perfect for local municipal city and town councils ranger enforcement, patrol and general works maintenance vehicles as they can utilise AMBER+MAGENTA or AMBER+RED or AMBER+WHITE colour combinations.

Example "Dual-Colour" Vehicle Roles in Australia:

  • AMBER + WHITE = General Purpose Day & Night Works
  • AMBER + MAGENTA = Ranger Enforcement & Support
  • AMBER + RED = General Purpose, Beach Patrol and/or Fire Mitigation
  • AMBER + RED/BLUE = Emergency Response & Public Safety
  • AMBER + GREEN = General Purpose & Wildlife Support

STRIKER-X Dual-Colour Multi-Function L.E.D. Warning Light Bars come standard with:

  • Heavy-Duty Low Profile Extruded Alloy Housing
  • Dual-Colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. Modules
  • Integrated Forward & Side Facing Work Lights
  • 360 Degree Warning Functions in up to 2 Modes

STRIKER-X *Amber + White* Standard Features include:

  •  Dual-Colour *AMBER+WHITE* 360 Degrees Flashing Modes
    • Single Colour *AMBER* Only 360 Degrees Flashing Modes
    • Single Colour WHITE* Only 360 Degrees Flashing Modes
      • Rear Cut-Off Functionality Available for "WHITE"
  • Forward Facing Work Lights *WHITE*
    • Take Down Lights *MIDDLE ONLY*
    • Super Take Down Lights *FULL FRONT*
  • Side Facing Alley Lights *WHITE*
    • Left Side Work Lights
    • Right Side Work Lights
  • Traffic Directional Arrow Modes *AMBER*
    • Left Sequential Arrow
    • Right Sequential Arrow
    • Split Sequential Arrow
  • Night-Time Dimming Mode
    • Reduces to 70% Brightness


  • 21cm / 8.3inch with 4 Modules
  • 35cm / 13.5inch with 6 Modules
  • 61cm / 24inch with 10 Modules
  • 88cm / 34inch with 14 Modules
  • 101cm / 40inch with 16 Modules *uneven*
  • 114cm / 45inch with 18 Modules
  • (STOCKED) 127cm / 50inch with 20 Modules *uneven*
    • Most popular size for Sedans, Hatchbacks, Utes, and Suvs
  • 141cm / 55inch with 22 Modules
  • 154cm / 60inch with 24 Modules *uneven*
  • 167cm / 65inch with 26 Modules


  • Full Dual Colour L.E.D. Modules
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage
  • 100% L.E.D. Technology
  • Solid State Design with No Moving Parts
  • IP67 Weather, Dust and Water Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Alloy Housing Design
  • User Select-able Flashing & Rotating Patterns
  • True 360 Degrees Daytime Performance & Visibility

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