AEGIS 8 Way Multi-Function Switch Panel Universal Smart Controller




The full fledged AEGIS 8 Way Switch Panel system is a user programmable control system that is universally compatible all third party automotive accessory products. With it's unique 10-30 VDC multi voltage design, the AEGIS 8 Way controller can be used with all passenger vehicles, cars and trucks alike. Compact in size, the AEGIS 8 Way Switch Panel can be securely mounted via double sided adhesive tape without the need to drill any holes that will leave permanent damage to your personal or leased commercial vehicle. The AEGIS 8 Way controller can be further customized by the end user by selecting either the "colour coded" or "stealth black" decal panel depending on their unique application.

***NEW 2019 Upgraded AEGIS now comes with user programmable ON/OFF or MOMENTARY TRIGGER Switch Functions for PRIMARY, SECONDARY, LIGHT, AUX, LEFT, FRONT and RIGHT switches further enhancing customer customisation of the AEGIS Command & Control System***

Technical Specifications

  • 8 Independent On/Off Universal Switches in Total
    • 2 User Programmable On/Off Switch Functions
    • 6 Simple On/Off Switch Functions
    • 3 Level Progressive Switch Functions
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Suitable for Cars, Trucks & Bikes
  • Interchangeable Front Fascia Decal
    • Covert Stealth Decal
    • Hi-Viz Colour Coded Decal
  • High Load Capacity
    • 5 x 15 Amp Switches
    • 3 x 20 Amp Switches
  • Detachable Fuse Panel Cover for Easy Fuse Change
  • Night Time Keypad Back-light Illumination with PARK Wire
  • Standby Mode with IGNITION Wire for Rapid Activation
  • Press AEGIS Second Time for Momentary Trigger
    • Ideal for Siren Tone Change
    • Flash Pattern Mode Change
  • CANCEL Function to OFF all ON Switches
  • 4 Meter Wire Lead from Touch Pad to Switch Box with a RJ11 Connection

Standard Switches:

  1. AEGIS (Level 3) @ 20A
    1. Can be Programmed to Group any combination of Switches
  2. PRIMARY (Level 2) @ 20A
    1. Automatically Groups Primary & Secondary Functions
  3. SECONDARY (Level 1) @ 20A
    1. Suitable for Lightbar Only or Rear Only Set-Up
  4. LIGHT @ 15A
    1. Can be used to control Work Light or Illuminate Centre Sign
  5. AUX @ 15A
    1. Can be used to control any other function
  6. LEFT @ 15A
    1. Can be used for Left Alley Work Light or Directional Arrow products
  7. FRONT @ 15A
    1. Can be used for Front Take Down Lights or any other function
  8. RIGHT @ 15A
    1. Can be used for Right Alley Work Light or Directional Arrow products
    1. Cancels all Activated Functions Immediately

AEGIS Product Dimensions:

  • Control Remote Head: 90(L) x 50(W) x 14(H)mm
  • Relay Control Box: 165(L) x 130(W) x 35(H)mm



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