*NEW* AEGIS 4 Way Master Switch Universal Programmable Controller "All-In-One"



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REDFLEET AEGIS 4 Way Master Switch is a universal controller designed for customers who operate a vehicle that only require no more than 4 individual switch functions. A good example of this setup would be a standard CRUISER-X Light Bar with a single switch for 360 degree warning lights, and three independent switches for Front, Left & Right side facing work lights. Perfect for security patrol and general utility work vehicles, the AEGIS 4 Way controller is small and compact in size, with easy to identify L.E.D. back-lighting for each switch which are also color coded for convenient night time operations. 

The AEGIS 4 Way Master Switch Controller will be the standard controller for all our projects and light bars moving forward.

For maximum product flexibility, 3 sheets of switch label key decals are included with various unique icons and options for the customization of your AEGIS 4 Way Master Switch Controller.

***Please note that AEGIS 4 "Master Switch" controllers are not compatible with the AEGIS 8 Smart Controllers**

Technical Specifications

  • 4 Independent Programmable Switches
    • Latching ON/OFF
    • Momentary PUSH/RELEASE
  • 1 Master ON/OFF Override Switch
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Suitable for Cars, Trucks & Bikes
  • 20 Amp Maximum Shared Load Capacity
    • Example: 1 x 10A + 3 x 5A
    • Example: 4 x 5A
    • Example: 1 x 20A
    • Example: 2 x 10A
  • All-In-One Unit for Easy Install
  • Night Time Keypad Back-light Illumination
    • GREEN for Standby
    • RED for Active

AEGIS 4 Master Switch Product Dimensions: 62(L) x 62(W) x 22(H)mm

SKU: RF-AGS4-MS TAGS: Controller, Switch, Panel

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