All-New CRUISER-X NEX-GEN Series Smart Light Bars

Our latest NEX-GEN L.E.D. optics and technology is now available in our popular REDFLEET CRUISER-X Series Multi-Function L.E.D. Warning Light Bars. Available in 3 distinct configuration specs, CRUISER-X NEX-GEN products provide exceptional brightness, illumination and technology. Fully populated with zero dark spots for maximum visibility and performance even during the day, CRUISER-X NEX-GEN light bars feature integrated high powered L.E.D. front take downs and side alley spot lights as standard along with white flashing capability.


  • Configured with the most popular functions in mind, the CRUISER-X CORE NEX-GEN comes equipped with 360 degrees warning lights in full dual colour technology along with our all-new exclusive SAFETY YELLOW L.E.D. colour

  • Integrated High Powered forward take-downs and side facing alley flood lights for night time applications

  • 100% Solid State No Moving Parts Design

  • Low Profile Stealth Black Tops

  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready

  • User Selectable Flashing & Rotating Patterns


Perfect for Security Patrol & Ranger Vehicles

  • Where additional vehicle identification is necessary, CRUISER-X PATROL configured lightbars provide an illuminated SIGN BOX where printed text decals can be applied.

  • CRUISER-X PATROL lightbars also feature six clusters of high powered forward facing L.E.D. take down spot lights for enhanced visibility in addition to 4 clusters of high intensity side facing alley spot lights.


Perfect for those seeking Enhanced Safety & Visibility.

  • Perfect for vehicles that operate in higher risk environments where an additional layer of Brake, Indicator, Tail and Reverse lights are repeated up high on the roof top level.

  • Airports, Seaports, Cargo Terminals, Mining Sites, Highway Maintenance and Rail Networks are examples where a CRUISER-X MINE-SPEC NEX-GEN L.E.D. lightbar would be most applicable.

CRUISER-X Emergency & Enforcement Light Bars


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