RESPONDER-X (123cm / 48inch) "Tri-Colour" Digital L.E.D. Warning Light Bar




RESPONDER-X is our latest NEX-GEN L.E.D. TRI-COLOUR warning light bar featuring 3 full colours per module, 100% solid state electronics and a low profile heavy-duty alloy housing design.

Switch Panel Controller is NOT Included.

As a true digital light bar, RESPONDER-X lights can be custom configured with software programming by one of our REDFLEET technicians, allowing us to create unique modes, functions and feature sets.

RESPONDER-X lightbars provide a truly versatile platform that can meet and exceed customer requirements and applications at a very affordable price point.

RESPONDER-X Tri-Colour Digital L.E.D. Warning Light Bars

  • Durable Low Profile Hybrid Polycarbonate Alloy Housing Design
  • Tri-Colour NEX-GEN L.E.D. Modules
  • Integrated Front & Side High Powered Spot Lights
  • 360 Degree Warning Functions in up to 3 Modes
  • Auto Dimming Functionality Available
  • Digitally Programmable & Configurable


  • Full Tri-Colour L.E.D. Modules
  • 12-24VDC Dual Voltage
  • 100% L.E.D. Technology
  • Solid State Design with No Moving Parts
  • IP67 Weather, Dust and Water Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Alloy Housing Design
  • User Select-able Flashing & Rotating Patterns
  • True 360 Degrees Daytime Performance & Visibility
  • Digital Ready Platform
  • 5 Year L.E.D. Warranty

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