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For as long as the REDFLEET brand has been around, we’ve been proudly producing content so we can share some of our favourite vehicle fitouts with the world! In recent years, we’ve stepped up our video game, going from filming and editing on a phone, to a much more professional setup and editing process.During that time, one of the questions that people have asked us many times is “why don’t you film outside?” Well, it's quite simple really.... the human eye is far superior at capturi...

May 20, 2020


Time and time again, we hear the same old rhetoric of "Made in America" or "Made in the USA" being one of the biggest marketing wanks used to whip the "fanboys" in to a frenzy. This apparently means top quality which also apparently means the right for you to be overcharged and all in the name of "Made in America". The fact still remains, that assembled in America doesn't mean it's actually manufactured in America or that the quality is any different to products produced in countries o...

April 26, 2020


Is it right that in 2020, some operational police vehicles and commands in Australia still use 1st generation lighting products as the vehicle's primary and in some cases, only safety warning light for urgent duty or stationary live lane traffic stops ? Over the years, fleet has used many excuses to discourage and prevent commands and specialists units from making their own improvements to the current "approved" fit out of operational response police vehicles. Some of these excuses that we have ...

March 2, 2020


When it comes to the acceptance and adoption of vehicle warning colours, Australia is behind countries like the US, UK and South Korea. Decision makers up top are concerned that if more colours are permitted, it may cause confusion and become difficult to regulate. Yet, it seems very easy to regulate frontal protection bars and driving lights fitted to recreational vehicles, but apparently too difficult to regulate the safety of vehicles used for and in work applications.In the South Korea ...

February 3, 2020


Over the last decade, we have helped and supported numerous organisations that were operating under equipped vehicles including not for profit community organisations that rely heavily on donations and government grants to exist. What offends us most is when we discover that somehow, internal politics allowed for much needed funds to be spent on overpriced product solutions but the majority of their fleet still features outdated and superseded equipment.  Yes, it may be true that some of th...

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