You Want It - Not Need It

Over the last decade, we have helped and supported numerous organisations that were operating under equipped vehicles including not for profit community organisations that rely heavily on donations and government grants to exist.

What offends us most is when we discover that somehow, internal politics allowed for much needed funds to be spent on overpriced product solutions but the majority of their fleet still features outdated and superseded equipment. 

Yes, it may be true that some of these expensive products may feature the latest and greatest technology has to offer, the question is, does your "not for profit" organisation really need the latest and greatest money can buy ? Is that the best way to spend much needed funds that are donated or provided by tax payers ? Or is it smarter to get several vehicles brought up to standard for the price of fitting out one with such expensive products ?

If your not for profit organisation can put aside the politics, and genuinely look out for the best value for money solution for your fleet and the community it helps, engage with us, because as a local Australian company, we can be quite generous with our solutions allowing more of your vehicles to be better equipped at a fraction of what many of our competitors are charging.

Just because it's made in America, doesn't mean your organisation needs it or should waste donated funds and tax payer grants on it.


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