Title - Why We Don't Film Outside. Blue Subaru XV SUV with REDFLEET warning lights in grille and on dashboard, parked near river


For as long as the REDFLEET brand has been around, we’ve been proudly producing content so we can share some of our favourite vehicle fitouts with the world! In recent years, we’ve stepped up our video game, going from filming and editing on a phone, to a much more professional setup and editing process.

During that time, one of the questions that people have asked us many times is “why don’t you film outside?”

Well, it's quite simple really.... the human eye is far superior at capturing brightness, colour and contrast than most readily available and affordable video cameras.


One of the main reasons we film indoors is because it’s convenient. When a vehicle is complete, our team can drive it straight out of the work bay, and into position to film. Not only does this save time, but it also means we’re not reliant on things such as good weather or finding a quiet street nearby. As many of our customers are all too familiar with, standing in the middle of an active road, even with warning lights flashing, can be dangerous. When you’re filming, your focus is on the task at hand and less on your surroundings, so to minimise any risk that might come from filming on a street, we prefer to film in the controlled environment of our workshop.


There are also technical reasons which make filming our content indoors a better option. The goal of our videos is to do justice to the brightness, colour and intensity of our L.E.D. warning lights, which is no problem in person, but on camera it can be a different story. Our eyes have a much wider dynamic range than cameras typically capture. Simple put, this means that we can distinctly see brighter highlights and darker shadows, all at the same time. The camera has to be set to capture a balance from the brightest to darkest things in the shot, and in an outdoor setting, the exposure has to be set to limit the light that comes into the camera, so the warning lights appear less bright. On camera, the brightness of our warning lights can also make the colour seem washed out. When bright lights get over exposed and the camera can’t handle it, they appear blown out and white, so the colour is lost. With the greater range that the eye sees, the colours appear much more rich in person.

We want our videos to best represent the performance of our REDFLEET L.E.D. warning lights, and for all the reasons above, we feel filming indoors gives customers the most accurate representation of how our products perform in the real world.

Customers are also most welcome to come visit us and check out the brightness and performance of our products in person because we guarantee to perform just like the big expensive brands and outperform the no brands that you can buy from eBay.


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