KINETIC Series 18 L.E.D. (DUAL-COLOUR) Warning Flashing Light Vehicle Covert Dash Deck Windscreen




IN-STOCK - All-New REDFLEET KINETIC Series *Dual-Colour* 18 L.E.D. Warning Light for In-Vehicle Dash Deck Windscreen Glass Suction & Adhesive Applications.

"Ultra High Intensity Brightness + Rich Colour Visibility + Two Full Warning Colours + Australian Lifetime L.E.D. Warranty"

The REDFLEET KINETIC Series Windscreen Dash Deck Warning Lights are universally compatible with most passenger and commercial vehicle glass mounted internal applications. With our all-new reflector optics design, KINETIC Series warning lights create a powerful warning signal for two full colours rivaling even the most expensive American made products at a fraction of the price and backed by an industry first REDFLEET L.E.D. Lifetime Australian Warranty.

With user selectable flash patterns, dual colour KINETIC Series L.E.D. dash lights can be programmed to display one or both colours in an alternating pattern. Easily deployable and transferable from car to car using the provided suction cups with the option of a more permanent mounting application using double sided adhesive pads for the best discreet and covert fit.

KINETIC series warning lights come standard with two types of 12V Accessory Male Socket Plugs with two different colour control switching options. 

  1. TYPE A - ON/OFF Switch + Flash Pattern Selection Switch displaying dual colour flashing patterns
  2. TYPE B - ON/OFF/ON Switch + Flash Pattern Selection Switch allowing for independent colour control

Simply remove the Accessory Plug to access the wires for hardwired installation.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: (L) x (W) x (H)mm
    • Adhesive Mounted
      • Single Head Version 165 x 116 x 45
      • Twin Head Version 245 x 116 x 45
    • Suction Cup Mounted 
      • Single Head Version 252 x 116 x 45
      • Twin Head Version 332 x 116 x 45
  • EXOLED Ultra-High Intensity L.E.D.s
    • 18 L.E.D. with 9 Diodes per Warning Colour
    • 36 L.E.D. with 18 Diodes per Warning Colour
  • DIFFUSED Wide-Angle Reflector Optics
    • Maximise Visibility Over Greater Distances
  • SUPERIOR Daytime Performance
    • Night Mode Dimming Capability
  • Low Profile Automotive Grade Plastic Housing
    • Universally Compatible
  • Synchronise Multiple Units for Simultaneous or Alternating Flashing Modes
    • Create Highly Effective Visual Displays for Enhanced Safety
  • Product Certification & Approvals 
    • CISPR 25 Class 3 Tested
    • SAE J595 Class 1 Approved
    • ECE R65 + R10 Certified
      • XA1/XB1 for KINETIC 18 L.E.D.
      • XA2/XB1 for KINETIC 36 L.E.D.
    • CE + UKCA Approved
  • 10-30V DC Multi Voltage Ready
    • Suitable for Trucks, Machinery, Aircraft, Vessels, Motorcycles along with Passenger & Commercial Vehicles
  • Designed for Internal Applications Only (Not Suitable for External Applications)
  • Operational Temperature Range -30˚C to +60˚C 
  • Maintenance Free Solid State Design
    • 100,000 Hours Long Life EXOLED

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