COAX RG58 N-MALE to SMA-MALE Low Loss Antenna Coaxial Cable Lead for CEL-FI Stationary Antennas



Cable Length

These cables are perfect for the CEL-FI Stationary range. Suitable for both the internal and external stationary antennas.

RG58 is a classification of coaxial cable that is used for RF (Radio Frequency) communication systems. A coaxial cable is a multi-layered electrical cable that has an internal conductor which is enclosed by tubular insulation, which is in turn completely enclosed by a conductive cover and is finally sheltered with a thin insulating layer. RG58 has a distinct impedance of either 50 or 52 ohms. 

Available sizes:

  • 6m
  • 10m
  • 15m
  • 20m

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