FLASHPOINT-X (120cm) "Dual-Colour" L.E.D. Warning Light Bar




Note: Each FLASHPOINT-X is custom made to order and may take 2 to 4 weeks before you receive it.

Our ever popular FLASHPOINT series light bar has just been completed redesigned from the ground up. With a brand new L.E.D. module and light bar housing design, the all-new FLASHPOINT-X features full dual colour technology allowing for two full control modes that can work independently or alternately. Utilizing a smart interface control module ICM, FLASHPOINT-X has 4 wire wiring harness that connects to the ICM which is programmed with user selected features and functionalities. If you need a light bar that can perform multiple different colour modes, the FLASHPOINT-X is ideal for your vehicle.

Example of FLASHPOINT-X Dual-Colour Multi-Mode Functionality:

  • Mode 1 = AMBER Only for General Warning & Hazard
  • Mode 2 = MAGENTA Only for Heavy-Vehicle Enforcement
  • Mode 1 + 2 = AMBER + MAGENTA Combination for High Visibility Operations


  • DUAL-COLOUR "360 Degrees Warning in 2 Full Colour Modes"
  • TAKE-DOWNS "Pair of Front Facing Steady-On L.E.D. Work Lights"
  • ALLEY-LIGHTS "Left & Right Facing Steady-On L.E.D. Work Lights"
  • FULLY POPULATED "No-Gaps 22 x L.E.D. Modules"


  1. AMBER (Mode 1) to WHITE (Mode 2)
  2. AMBER (Mode 1) to GREEN (Mode 2)
  3. AMBER (Mode 1) to MAGENTA (Mode 2)
  4. AMBER (Mode 1) to RED + BLUE (Mode 2)
  5. AMBER (Mode 1) to RED (Mode 2)


  • Two Full Colours per Warning Module
  • 10+ User Selectable Flashing Patterns
  • Hybrid Reflector Optics
  • True 360 Degrees Visibility
  • Long Range Warning Capability
  • 5M Extended Length Wiring Harness
  • Shielded Multi Core Automotive Cable
  • Underside Pattern Select Switch
  • Durable UV Stabilised Polycarbonate Lens
  • Durable Clear Base Housing
  • Meets & Exceeds SAE Standards
  • IP67 Dust Vibration & Water Resistant
  • Temperature Range -30˚C to +50˚C
  • 100,000 Hours with Long Life LEDs
  • Maintenance Free Solid State Technology
  • Dimensions: 1200(L)x300(W)x55(H)mm

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