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What are vehicle Surface Mount Perimeter Lights ?

Perimeter lights, also commonly referred to as surface mounts, are small low profile directional secondary warning products that are strategically placed around a vehicle's surface, grille or perimeter to help a primary product achieve adequate 360 degree warning visibility for that vehicle. These small sized lights are available in all 6 L.E.D. colours, feature solid state design with integrated flash pattern selection and are 10-30VDC multi voltage suitable for all vehicle types from trucks, cars, bikes to marine vessels and aircraft applications.

Why can't a surface mount perimeter light be used on it's own without a primary product present ?

Perimeter lights belong to the secondary type because it can only produce a directional light beam achieving 180 degrees of visibility and effectiveness at the most. Such a product is most effective when working in pairs or more as perimeter lights help outline the profile size of a vehicle and can usually fit in tight places where other products cannot. At times when a primary roof mounted product is obscured by vehicle design or other accessories, perimeter lights can be added to compensate for that section of the vehicle.

HEAVY-DUTY Series L.E.D. Warning Lights

Heavy-Duty series perimeter lights are available in a choice of 3, 4 and 6 L.E.D.s ensuring the perfect fit. With it's strong die-cast alloy housing, Heavy-Duty lights are suitable for surface and grille mounted applications where a powerful directional punch of light is required. With exclusive internal reflector optics design and a unique angle on both ends, the updated Heavy-Duty series now features improved wider angle performance without compromising it's directional punch.

  • Long Range Performance with Unique Wide-Angle Visibility
  • Superior Daytime Visibility Guaranteed - SAE J595
  • 10-30VDC Multi-Voltage Ready
  • Heavy-Duty Alloy Housing

CUTTER Series L.E.D. Warning Lights

Cutter series perimeter lights feature a low profile housing design with unique wide-angle linear internal reflector optics for superior off-axis performance. Available in two distinct sizes, Cutter series lights offer full dual-colour technology meaning two full colours across the full size of the light (not split) producing more light for both colours. Our unique dual colour technology with independent and simultaneous colour control allows vehicle's to have a multi purpose and function ensuring maximum versatility and flexibility across your fleet.

  • Low Profile Design - 2 Sizes
  • Superior Daytime Performance
  • Full Dual Colour Capability for Two Full Colours
  • Independent & Simultaneous Colour Control
  • 10-30VDC Multi-Voltage Ready

TALON Series

  • Ultra-Wide Angle Visibility
  • Larger Size for Larger Signal Profile
  • Superior Daytime Performance
  • Full Dual Colour Capability for Two Full Colours
  • Independent & Simultaneous Colour Control
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready
  • Suitable for Vehicles that require a larger light profile


  • Low Profile Design
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Super Bright Visibility
  • Daytime Performance Guaranteed
  • 10-30VDC Multi-Voltage Ready
  • 1 or 3 Year Warranty Option

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