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What are vehicle Surface Mount Perimeter Lights ?

Perimeter lights, also commonly referred to as surface mounts, are small low profile directional secondary warning products that are strategically placed around a vehicle's surface, grille or perimeter to help a primary product achieve adequate 360 degree warning visibility for that vehicle. These small sized lights are available in all 6 L.E.D. colours, feature solid state design with integrated flash pattern selection and are 10-30VDC multi voltage suitable for all vehicle types from trucks, cars, bikes to marine vessels and aircraft applications.

Why can't a surface mount perimeter light be used on it's own without a primary product present ?

Perimeter lights belong to the secondary type because it can only produce a directional light beam achieving 180 degrees of visibility and effectiveness at the most. Such a product is most effective when working in pairs or more as perimeter lights help outline the profile size of a vehicle and can usually fit in tight places where other products cannot. At times when a primary roof mounted product is obscured by vehicle design or other accessories, perimeter lights can be added to compensate for that section of the vehicle.


  • High Intensity L.E.D.s
  • Daytime Suitable Performance
  • Plastic Housing Design
  • User Select-able Flash Patterns
  • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready


  • Improved Off-Axis Angle Performance
  • Superior Daytime Visibility Guaranteed
  • 10-30VDC Multi-Voltage Ready
  • 3 or 6 Year Warranty Option
  • Heavy-Duty Alloy Housing


    • Low Profile Design
    • Affordable Price Point
    • Super Bright Visibility
    • Daytime Performance Guaranteed
    • 10-30VDC Multi-Voltage Ready
    • 1, 3 or 5 Year Warranty Option


    • Low Profile Compact Size
    • Superior Daytime Performance
    • Two Unique Profile Size
    • Full Dual Colour Capability for Two Full Colours
    • Independent & Simultaneous Colour Control
    • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready


    • Ultra-Wide Angle Visibility
    • Larger Size for Larger Signal Profile
    • Superior Daytime Performance
    • Full Dual Colour Capability for Two Full Colours
    • Independent & Simultaneous Colour Control
    • 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready

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