RAZORBACK Covert Flashback Shield to suit HEAVY-DUTY 6 & CUTTER 9S & 12D Lights



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REDFLEET RAZORBACK Covert Flashback Shield uses 3M double sided bonding adhesive to securely attach to any glass surface in your vehicle. With it's unique up and down angle adjustable design, the Covert Flashback Shield is ideal for unmarked vehicles requiring a covert and discreet setup. 

Designed specifically for our HEAVY-DUTY 6 L.E.D. (HD6), CUTTER 9 & 12 L.E.D. (CT9S/12D) series L.E.D. perimeter light products, the Covert Flashback Shield can be installed up high around the visor area behind the vehicle's factory tint or down low on the dashboard level for a highly effective yet low profile appearance.

"Please note that Lights & Adaptor Plates are sold separately"


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