All L.E.D. and Electronic products purchased from REDFLEET comes with a minimum "Peace Of Mind" 12 Month Australian Warranty. Under this warranty cover, we will repair or replace any product that is found to be faulty or defective as per general operational conditions set out by our warranty terms.

Extended and/or Lifetime Warranties are available on our exclusive premium range of L.E.D. warning products.

Generally, this extended warranty covers electronic components of L.E.D. products only, such as L.E.D. modules and Main Control Boards found within the product. 

Extended warranty does not cover parts or accessories like poly-carbonate housing, plastic parts, mounting brackets, and bolts.

Should a product become superseded by a newer model, or discontinued as part of our range during your warranty covered period, we reserve the right to upgrade or substitute your product with an equivalent product as long as it provides the same or similar functionality as your original purchase.


REDFLEET, owned and operated by Australian Mobile Radio Pty Ltd warrants that all products described in its current catalogue (save and except for all bulbs and lenses whether made of glass or some other substance) will under normal use and service be free of failures in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year (unless this period has been extended as indicated elsewhere) from the date of the original purchase by the consumer as marked on the invoice. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, alteration of products or damage caused by the consumer.

To make a warranty claim the consumer must deliver the product at their cost to the original place of purchase or to any other place which may be nominated by either AMR or the retailer from where the product was bought in order that a warranty assessment may be performed. The consumer must also deliver the original invoice evidencing the date and place of purchase together with an explanation in writing as to the nature of the claim.

In the event that the claim is determined to be for a minor failure of the product then AMR reserves the right to repair or replace it at its discretion. In the event that a major failure is determined the consumer will be entitled to a replacement or a refund.

This warranty is in addition to any other rights or remedies that the consumer may have under State or Federal legislation within Australia.

Product warranty DOES NOT cover any related installation or fitment services unless the original installation or fitment service was included in your purchase.


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