An OBD (on-board diagnostics) cable for dash cams provides a simpler and more convenient method for parking-mode recording over the traditional fusebox hardwiring method. All vehicles manufactured since the mid-to-late 1990s have OBD ports and thus all modern vehicles fit universally for OBD cables.

 The IROAD OBD cable is compatible with all vehicles with OBD ports, as well as with all IROAD dash cam models. Instead of using a hardwire kit to connect to the vehicle’s fusebox, which can sometimes be a pain as the location of the fusebox can differ greatly between vehicles, the OBD cable connects to the OBD port which is almost always found on the driver’s side near and around the steering wheel column.

Once plugged in, the IROAD OBD cable provides power to the dash cam both when the vehicle is on and when the vehicle is off, thus enabling parking-mode.

The IROAD OBD cable has two switches on its side – “S”, which stands for Standard, and “P”, which stands for Parking. Having this in the S position will mean that power will cut off when the car is off, and setting this to the P position will allow the OBD cable to continue drawing power when the vehicle is off.
 Thus, if parking-mode recording is desired, simply leave this to the P position. The voltage and timer cutoff settings can all be adjusted in the IROAD viewer or IROAD smartphone app.
 We currently sell two versions of the IROAD OBD-II Cable, one for non-electric/hybrid vehicles, and the other for electric vehicles.


Model:  (Non-Electric/Hybrid) JW-100 / (Electric) JW-200

Manufacturer:  Jaewoncnc Co., Ltd

Country of Origin:  Republic of Korea

Input Voltage:  DC 12V ~15V

Output Voltage:  DC 12V ~15V / Max 1.8A

Length:  2M

Operating Temperature:  -40°c ~ 85°c

Overcurrent Cut-off:  Min 3.4A

KC Certification:  R-REM-JWW-IROAD-OBDII

SKU: JW-100

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