VICTRON SMARTSOLAR MPPT 75V/10A Solar Battery Charger Controller Load Output 12/24V DC




MPPT controllers operate solar panels at their Maximum Power Point improving efficiency up to 30% by adjusting input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar panels. It then manages this power to supply the varying voltage requirement of the battery plus load.

The MPPT senses when to adjust the output that it is being sent to the battery and will shut down for a few microseconds, calculate and make relevant adjustments. The principle of MPPT is to extract the maximum possible power from a solar panel by setting the most efficient combination of voltage and current - maximum power point.

Load output will prevent the battery from becoming totally flat [which can cause damage]. A preset discharge level can be configured at which point the SmartSolar will disconnect the load preventing the battery draining further.

Alternatively, the inbuilt intelligent battery management feature in the SmartSolar can be set. Known as Battery Life the feature is designed to protect and better maintain your battery by ensuring 100% recharge is regularly reached. SmartSolar attempts a daily 100% recharge. During periods of poor weather or low light conditions, it raises the disconnect voltage until successful.

Built-in Bluetooth along with the VictronConnect App provides easy access to the extensive range of functions available on your solar charge controller such as:

  • Solar Gauge – Realtime power output
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current
  • Battery State
  • Load Output [100/20 and smaller]
  • Load current – shows the current being drawn by appliances
  • History Analysis
  • Various Settings


Battery Voltage: 12/24v Auto Select
Rated charge current: 10A
Nominal PV power, 12V 1a,b): 145W
Nominal PV power, 24V 1a,b): 290W
Max. PV short circuit current 2): 75A
Maximum efficiency: 98%
Self-consumption: 12V: 25 mA  24V: 15 mA
Charge voltage 'absorption': Default setting: 14.4V / 28,8V (adjustable)
Charge voltage 'float': Default setting: 13.8V / 27,6V (adjustable)
Charge algorithm: Multi-stage adaptive
Temperature compensation: -16mV / °C resp. -32 mV / °C
Protection: Battery reverse polarity (fuse) / Output short circuit / over temperature 
Operating temperature: -30 to +60°C (full rated output up to 40°C)
Humidity: 95%, non-condensing
Data connection port: VE.Direct
Protection category: IP43 (electronic components), IP22 (connection area)
Weight: 0.5 KG
Dimensions (H x W x D): 100 x 113 x 40 mm
Safety: EN/IEC 62109-1, UL 1741, CSA C22.2

SKU: SCC075015060R.

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