VICTRON BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor in Grey or Black




Victron's latest high precision battery monitor, the BMV-712, is designed to monitor both voltage and current of a single battery bank with remarkable accuracy. This advanced device efficiently calculates essential metrics like power, state-of-charge, and time-to-go. Additionally, it offers the convenience of an extra voltage input, enabling measurements of auxiliary or starter battery voltage, midpoint voltage, or temperature (when coupled with the optional temperature sensor).

With its built-in Bluetooth module, data transfer to smartphones or computers becomes seamless, providing users with real-time insights into battery performance. Moreover, the BMV-712 is equipped with external alarms that can be triggered through the relay contact for added security and monitoring capabilities.

The installation process is straightforward, involving connecting the provided shunt in the negative battery cable, mounting the monitor in a 52mm diameter hole, and connecting the necessary wires. For those who prefer surface mounting, an optional wall enclosure is available for a more customized setup.


Supply voltage range: 6.5 - 70 VDC 

Current draw, back light off: < 1 mA 

Input voltage range, auxiliary battery: 6.5 - 70 VDC 

Battery capacity (Ah): 1 - 9999 Ah 

Operating temperature range: -40   +50 °C   (-40 – 120 °F) 

Measures voltage of second battery, or temperature, or midpoint: Yes 

Temperature measurement range: -20   +50 °C 

VE.Direct communication port: Yes 

Bistable relay: 60V / 1A normally open (function can be inverted)


Installation: Flush mount 

Front: 63mm diameter 

Front bezel: 69 x 69mm  (2.7 x 2.7 inch) 

Shunt connections bolts: M10 (0.3937 inch) 

Body diameter and depth: 52 mm (2.0 inch) and 31 mm (1.2 inch) 

Protection category: IP55 (not intended for outdoor use)


Safety: EN 60335-1 

Emission / Immunity: EN 55014-1 / EN 55014-2 

Automotive: ECE R10-4 / EN 50498 

SKU: BAM030712200

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