*NEW* PHOTON 1800 LUMENS 20 Watt L.E.D. Work Scene Light *COMBO*




REDFLEET proudly presents a robust collection of LED Work Lights, specifically engineered to thrive in Australia's harsh conditions. Built with quality materials, our lights embody rugged durability, ensuring they withstand challenging environments with ease. Weather-resistant and designed to endure rain, dust, and extreme conditions, Redfleet L.E.D. Work Lights guarantee unwavering visibility in any scenario. We offer a selection of models in various sizes and lumens to cater for a diverse range of vehicle applications. Beyond durability, our lights significantly enhance visibility on the job, offering a powerful and consistent illumination that empowers you to navigate and work with confidence. Redfleet's LED Work Lights redefine industry standards, combining brilliance with toughness for an unparalleled lighting experience.

PHOTON 1800 Lumens High Intensity L.E.D. Work Scene Light features combination COMBO reflector optics design for optimum performance. With 9-50V DC multi voltage capability, the PHOTON series work lights are suitable for work utes, service trucks and mining vehicles.

Technical Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Housing Design
  • 20 Watt of Luminous Intensity
  • Lumens Output: 2400 Raw with 1800 Effective
  • COMBO  Beam Reflector Optics
  • Universal Stainless Steel Adjustable Mounting Tab
  • 9-50VDC Multi Voltage Ready
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance
  • CISPR 25 Class 3 EMC Rating
  • 3 Year Australian Warranty


Height: 76 mm
Width: 100 mm
Depth: 52 mm
Height with bracket: 91mm


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