9 inch Paired Set DOMINATOR DL2 Series L.E.D. DRL High Performance Driving Spot Lights ROADVISION



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The 9 inch Paired Set of Dominator DL2 Series by Roadvision is the next generation in LED driving lamps, with exceptional lighting performance, in a compact yet rugged package. Equipped with Thermal Management Technology, the Dominator DL2 Series smart adjust to the environmental temperature to balance optimal performance and overheating prevention. The Dominator DL2 Series produce up to 10802lm of instant light output from premium 3W Osram hi-lux LED’s, packaged in a tough yet light weight die-cast aluminium housing & polycarbonate lens, the Dominator Series provide superior performance and durability. Available in 6″, 7″ & 9″ models, they feature an additional DL LED strip and protective front grill.


  • Dominator DL2 Series driving lamps produce up to 10802lm of instant light output
  • Thermal Management Technology
  • Additional Daylight LED strip & protective front grill
  • Advanced optics produces up to 1450m Spot beam (single light)
  • 3W Osram Hi-Lux LED’s produce super white light close to daylight
  • Multi-volt 9-32V DC input & Super low current draw
  • 50,000 hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
  • Light weight tough die-cast aluminium housing & polycarbonate lens
  • Water & dust proof IP67 rated
  • Simple 2 wire installation with Deutsch plug
  • Over/under voltage, reverse polarity protection & EMI/EMC radio interference approved


Beam Type: Spot Beam with Daylight Strip
Maximum Lumens: 10802lm
Maximum Lux @10m: 3758lx
Maximum Beam Distance: 1450m (Single Light)
Maximum Watts: 142W
Light Source: 34x3 Watt Osram LED's + Daylight Strip
Voltage Input: 9-32V DC
Current Draw Amps: 13.4A @ 13.8V
Dimensions AxBxC: 238x93x249mm
Lamp Diameter: 9" (238mm)
Wiring: 2 Pin Deutsch Plug
Lux @ 10m: 3758 Lux


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