RFI 33cm 4dBi CD34 UHF CB Vehicle Antenna (BLACK)



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RFI UHF CB 4dBi Mopole 477MHz Antenna; Stud 5m FME(F) UHF(A)

  • 1 x RFI-CD34 33cm Antenna Whip (SHORT)
  • 1 x RFI 5m Low Loss FME Terminated Cable with UHF Adaptor

The CD34 Series Mopole antenna is specifically designed to be used in a variety of mounting positions such as a vehicle mirror, gutter or roof rack. Mounting in such positions, the CD34 is the ideal substitute for an antenna which would normally need to be mounted in the centre of a metal roof to obtain maximum efficiency.

CD34-71-73 Features: The CD34 antenna is an end-fed dipole (1/2 wave) with a tuned circuit incorporated in the base and a fully moulded radiating element. The end result is a tremendously rugged antenna suited for almost any application. The antenna is available in a stud mounted version or MBC base with removable whip. Both are supplied with 5 metres RG58 C/U cable & factory terminated with a FME female connector for ease of installation. Also included is a FME male to UHF male adaptor for connection to all UHF CB radios. Features: • Ground plane independent design allows installation in almost any location •  Robust UV stable base & flexible whip

Designed & Manufactured in Australia by RFI.

SKU: RFI-CD34-71-73

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