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The all-new Code 3 Pursuit DNA Lights & Siren Amplifier Control System provides a massive technological leap forward from previous Australian siren products. A truly versatile future proofed system, the Code 3 Pursuit Siren is smarter, smaller, lighter and more efficient than older transformer coupled designs. Pursuit Siren amplifiers are dual-channel 200W Class-D digital amplifiers which means customers can option to use a single or double 100 Watt loud speaker. With full dual voltage comparability, the Pursuit DNA Siren by Code 3 can be used on both 12V and 24V vehicles without any modification or additional parts as it maintains a constant output voltage to the speakers eliminating any risk of under or over-driving of the speakers due to vehicle battery or alternator variations.

The Code 3 Pursuit Siren system utilises the latest DNA architecture making it fully compatible with all current and future Code 3 Australia DNA products such as the PURSUIT L.E.D. Light Bar. When connected to the Pursuit Siren, a USB port allows reconfiguration of all attached Code 3 DNA devices.

Code 3 PURSUIT DNA Siren Product Features

  • 12/24VDC operation
  • 200W D-Class Siren Amplifier
  • Two independent speaker outputs
    • Supports simultaneous Wail/Yelp (mix)
    • Speaker failure redundancy (remains SAE compliant with only one speaker)
  • Constant speaker voltage across the whole supply voltage range
  • Embedded low frequency “Banshee” tones
  • Adjustable output power (day/night/town/country/etc.)
  • Automatic power throttling for continued operation at high temperatures
  • Non-destructive protection for under, over, and reverse-polarity voltage conditions
  • Stand-alone hardwired or remote-head control options
  • Supports multiple remote-heads
  • Hands-free operation via vehicle horn
  • Supports single-tap, double-tap and hold.
  • Highly configurable I/O pins
    • 3 input and 8 input/output pins
    • Siren/Light status outputs for data-logging
  • Public Address & Radio Rebroadcast modes
  • Expandable I/O via other Code 3 DNA modules
    • High Current Outputs - Battery Management
    • Ignition Override / Runlock / etc.

Accessories for Code 3 Pursuit Siren

  1. SLIC-00001 Keypad Controller
  2. RCB9-00001 Rotary Controller with Push Buttons
  3. 155-0559-00 Public Address Microphone *Included*

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