CODE 3 XTP4DS "Dual-Stack" L.E.D. Directional Surface Mount Perimeter Flashing Light




CODE 3 XTP4DS L.E.D. Dual Stack delivers a larger profile, bright, controllable signal within a sleek, low-profile design. These compact, waterproof exterior lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle to meet any need or application. Features include 70 flash patterns, steady-burn, controllable flash pattern output, and programmable with the Code 3 light head programmer.

Product Features & Technical Specifications

• 16 x High Performance Long Life L.E.D.s 
• 16 Watt Luminous Output
• 70+ Self Drive Flashing Patterns including Steady-Burn
• Directional Focus Reflector Optics
• Low Profile Plastic Housing Design
• Dual Colour Configuration Only
• Synchronise Multiple Units
• Colourless When Not Illuminated
• SAE Certified Class 1 Performance
• 12-24 Dual Voltage Application
• Dust, Vibration & Water Resistant
• Temperature Range -30˚C to +50˚C
• 100,000 Hours with Long Life LEDs
• Maintenance Free Solid State Technology
• 5 Years L.E.D. Warranty
• Dimensions: 119(L) x 61(W) x 15(H)mm


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