SLIC 1000 Series 100 Watt Siren Amplifier with M3 Control & Public Address Microphone Code 3 Hazard




Hazard Systems M3000 Series Police Siren Amplifier can be seen in use in various Emergency Vehicles including Police, Ambulance and Fire Services. The Hazard Systems M3000 Police Siren Amplifier offers unique Australian recognised Siren Tones. Utilising the Hazard Systems Slic Touch Pad controller, M3000 Police Siren Amplifiers can be commanded and operated at ease.

Each button on the Slic Touch Pad controller of the M3000 Police Siren Amplifier can be electronically programmed with each button performing a different function. Hazard Systems Controller also offers a back lit feature for night time use.

The Hazard Systems M3000 Police Siren amplifies 100 watt of power requiring one 100 watt siren speaker.

M3000 Technical Specifications

  • Unique Siren Amplifier with In-Built Control Switch
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia
  • Heavy-Duty Remote Mount Amplifier
  • Slimline Touch Pad Control Panel with L.E.D. Backlighting
  • Three Siren Tones – Wail, Yelp & Hi-Lo
  • Air Horn Over-Ride
  • High Powered Public Address Microphone Feature
  • Radio Rebroadcast Through the External Siren Speaker
  • Digital Voice Record & Playback
  • Unique "Soft-Start" Volume Feature
  • Manual Horn Ring Cycle – Change Siren Tone via Vehicle Horn (-)
  • Six Function Touch Button Light Control Circuits
  • Instant Yelp & Manual Button
  • 100 or 200 Watt Output Power


  • Amplifier Black Box - 190(L) x 50(H) x 90(D)mm
  • M3 SLIC Touch Pad - 90(L) x 50(H) x 17(D)mm
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