X-TREME 18 L.E.D. (TRI-COLOUR) Low Profile Surface Mount Flashing Perimeter Light




Introducing our all-new X-TREME Series Tri-Colour L.E.D. Surface Mounted Perimeter Warning Light! Utilising the latest L.E.D. technology, the X-TREME Series light produces three unique colours per module, maximising product flexibility allowing for multi-role operations.

100% Solid-State no moving parts design, the X-TREME lights feature 3 independent trigger modes which can be programmed to activate 1, 2 or 3 colours depending on your application.

Product Features & Technical Specifications

  • 18 x Ultra-High Intensity L.E.D.s (6 x Diodes per colour)
  • Full Tri-Colour Ready with Independent & Alternating Functions
  • 20+ Self Drive Flashing Patterns 
  • Hybrid Wide-Angle Reflector Optics 
  • BRIGHTEST Daytime Performance
  • Low Profile Housing Design 
  • 3 Full Colours per Unit (Not Split Half Half)
  • Synchronise Multiple Units of X-TREME
  • Colourless When Not Illuminated 
  • SAE J595 Class 1 Approved
  • ECE R65 + R10 Certified 
  • 10-30V DC Multi Voltage Ready
  • IP67 Dust, Vibration & Water Resistant 
  • Temperature Range -30˚C to +50˚C 
  • 100,000 Hours with Long Life LEDs 
  • Maintenance Free Solid State Design
  • Premium 6 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 120(L) x 33(W) x 13(H)mm

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