Right across Australia, navigating through patchy mobile signal coverage can be a challenge due to terrain or interference. CEL-FI GO mobile cellular signal boosters by NEXTIVITY are the only products approved and supported by the Telco Carriers and ACMA as they provide a reliable solution tailored to various needs with their range of models. These cellular boosters amplify signals effectively, yet it's worth noting they need at least one bar of reception to work optimally. Whether it's calls or data, Cel-Fi ensures seamless connectivity across major networks like Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, ensuring you stay connected when it matters most.

There are no monthly fees or ongoing charges like STARLINK, making it a cost-effective choice for improving your mobile experience.

R41 Cel-Fi GO devices are best suited for roaming in-vehicle applications as the device can automatically connect to the next tower as you approach the area. G41 and G51 CEL-FI GO devices are designed for stationary fixed site applications providing a powerful signal output for multiple internal ceiling wall antenna setups to cover any given building or house. G51 supports 5G mid-band which is commonly found in major urban centres and large cities.

Regional and rural areas generally have 4G and the soon to be discontinued 3G which may see some of it's bands repurposed to 4G and later 5G NR low band.



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