RED 7 Vehicle Warning Lights Package (TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT)



M5 Display COLOUR

REDFLEET RED 7 Vehicle Safety Lighting Package

  1. (1) CRUISER 120cm L.E.D. Warning Light Bar
    1. AMBER Flashing L.E.D.s Standard
    2. BLACK Top Standard
    3. Choice of CLEAR or AMBER Base *CLEAR by Default*
    4. Choice of 12 Months or 6 Years Warranty
    5. Universal Mounting Foot Kit + Gutter Hook Clamp Included
  2. (4) HD3 High Intensity Surface Mount Perimeter Lights
    1. AMBER L.E.D. Colour
    2. Choice of 12 Months or 6 Years Warranty
  3. (1) Code 3 MATRIX 5 L.E.D. Programmable Message Display
    1. Choice of AMBER or RED Colour *RED by Default*
    2. Underside Mounting Brackets
    3. 12 Months Standard Warranty
  4. (1) AEGIS 8 Way Switch Panel Controller
    1. 12 Months Standard Warranty
  5. (1) SQUAWKER Reversing Alarm
    1. 12 Months Standard Warranty

This package offers any vehicle a proper 360 degree warning capability along with the latest Code 3 Matrix 5 user programmable LED variable message display that can store 80+ independent messages and directional arrow modes. The Cruiser L.E.D. light bar features ECE R65 standards with unique flashing patterns for superior daytime performance. Additionally, 4 of our very popular Heavy-Duty 3 L.E.D. surface mount perimeter lights can be utilised in the front grille or rear of a vehicle. A simple on/off switch will easily control all the warning lights but we have also provided our popular AEGIS multi-function switch panel controller for your convenience.

Please note that our warning products come with integrated flash patterns requiring NO external flasher or driver to make them work.

SKU: RED7-120AC-A8-M5R-6Y

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