RED 3 Safety Lighting Package (TRADIE WORK SITE)




RED 3 Safety Package for Tradie Work Site Vehicles

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  1. (1) CRUISER 28cm L.E.D. Micro Light Bar
    1. Superior Daytime Performance & Visibility
    2. Meets Work Site Minimum Requirements for 360 Degree AMBER Light
    3. Black Top Cover is Standard
    4. Choice of CLEAR or AMBER Base Lens
    5. Choice of Magnetic Pad or Bracket Mount
    6. Supplied with Dual Switch Socket Plug *Remove Plug for Hardwire Install*
    7. 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready
    8. Warranty Options of 1 or 3 or 6 Years
  2. (1) SQUAWKER "White Noise" Reversing Alarm
    1. 10-30VDC Multi Voltage Ready
    2. Standard 12 Months Warranty
  3. (1) T1000 Series High Powered L.E.D. Flash Light Torch
    1. Supplied with Rechargeable Kit
    2. Adjustable Spot or Flood Optics
    3. Supports Standard & Rechargeable Batteries
    4. Heavy-Duty Alloy Design
    5. Anti-Slip Grip with Wrist Cord
    6. Standard 12 Months Warranty *Not On Batteries*
  4. (1) Complimentary Delivery for Metro Areas within Australia Only***
    1. If your location is extremely remote/rural, you may incur a $11.00 freight charge per pack

The RED 3 Tradie Work Site safety package is ideal for work vehicles that need to go on a work site. Meeting all OHS requirements for Australia, the CRUISER 28cm Microbar provides exceptional 360 degree signal visibility with user selectable flashing and rotating patterns that ensure the light is daytime suitable. Our Squawker reversing alarm is also a mandatory requirement for most work sites designed to provide a 'white-noise' tone for urban environments.

As part of this package, we have also included a T1000 High Powered L.E.D. Flash Light Torch that support standard and rechargeable batteries for your convenience during night operations.

Please note that our warning products come with integrated flash patterns requiring NO external flasher or driver to make them work.

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