The Comprehensive Range of Narva Beacons, Led Light Bars, and More

Are you in the market for reliable and durable safety and emergency lights for your vehicles? There are many reasons why vehicles need to be fitted with safety beacons, light rails, and other warning lights.

Road maintenance vehicles, traffic signalling vehicles, refuel, repair, or towing vehicles, and many more need warning lights to be seen, alert other cars, and get to where they need to go quickly.

Red Fleet Safety provides state-of-the-art Narva light fittings for vehicles across Australia. Whether you need led light bars mounted to your roof for extra road visibility, or warning lights to alert of road works ahead, or rotating beacons to alert traffic of your approach, we’ve got them all from Narva, and more. 

Narva: The Australian-owned industry leaders

Within the automotive, marine and transport industries Narva is well-known for their high-performing products. Investing in Narva light fixtures for your vehicles is investing in durability, high performance, and quality. 


There are many reasons why someone needs to get one or several vehicles fitted with rotating beacons. We’re in the business of providing top-quality beacons to customers across Australia who want to be sure that their beacons are durable, and high-performing. 


Illuminate your path with quality LED light bars. Whether you frequent unlit Australian backroads in your work, or require extra road visibility, the Narva range of roof mounted LED light bars are perfect for you. 


If your work requires extra visibility, look no further than our competitively priced range of Narva vehicle light. Whether you need a LED light bar to light up those dark roads, or you require a warning light to alert a flooded area, or an accident, or more, our range is available to you. It is important to note that not all vehicles have the rights to fit beacons, light bars, or other warning lights, so feel free to call us on 02 9748 2622 or fill in our online enquiry form to discuss your light needs


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