Introduction to Flashpoint

Flashpoint series L.E.D. light bars are a performance range of roof mounted lightbars that offer exceptional brightness, great flexibility, real world reliability and value for money. With a host of user selectable flash patterns built in, 100% solid state electronics and plug & play design, Flashpoint series light bars are the perfect lights for your next security patrol fleet.

Choices for You

Available in 5 standard lengths (60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm), 6 L.E.D. colours (Amber, Blue, Green, Magenta, Red and White), 5 Top LENS colours (Amber, Black, Blue, Clear and Red) and numerous internal configuration layouts, the Flashpoint platform allows customers to customise their lightbar to suit their unique application and budget.

Technical Specifications

Flashpoint series L.E.D. light bars come standard with our highly versatile 10-30VDC multi voltage control system offering maximum suitability across all vehicle platforms including cars, trucks, boats, machinery and military vehicles. With the use of 100% L.E.D. technology, solid state electronics with no moving parts and in-built flash pattern selector, Flashpoint series light bars offer the best value for money with maximum flexibility.

Added Capability

Flashpoint lightbars can be customized and configured with unique features like illuminated centre sign box, rear mounted L.E.D. message display, 100 Watt siren speaker, front, sides and rear work lights for added product capability.

Which Flashpoint Size Suits Your Vehicle Type ?


Flashpoint 60cm L.E.D. Light Bar

Suitable for alloy headboard, magnetic portable or tilt tray applications. Does not span the full width of a vehicle. A mounting plate or flat surface is highly recommended for a secure installation.


Flashpoint 90cm L.E.D. Light Bar

Suitable for alloy headboard, custom fixed mount or tilt tray applications. Does not span the full width of a vehicle. A mounting plate or flat surface is highly recommended for a secure installation.


Flashpoint 120cm L.E.D. Light Bar

Most common length suitable for small cars, sedans, wagons, SUVs, and vans. Adjustable gutter hook roof clamps are highly recommended as it does not require any permanent holes to be drilled or screws to be affixed to the vehicle's body.


Flashpoint 150cm L.E.D. Light Bar

Suitable for large vans, 4WDs, small tow trucks and recovery vehicles. Usually mounted on to a flat surface or a mounting plate, but can also be secured using gutter hook roof clamps that are adjustable and removable leaving no permanent screw holes.


Flashpoint 180cm L.E.D. Light Bar

Most suitable for large tow trucks, tilt trays and head boards. Usually permanent fixed bolt mounted across the headboard of a tilt tray and can also be affixed to a flat surface or mounting plate across the roof of the cabin. Recovery vehicles, this is your best choice.

Popular FLASHPOINT Configurations

ECONOMY 120cm Configurations

Economy configurations are the minimum number of L.E.D. modules that a Flashpoint light bar will be permitted to have in order to maintain acceptable performance standards. Ideal for those who have a tight budget but still require adequate visual warning performance for safety reasons. Additional options can be fitted to economy configurations for added capability and performance.

PATROL 120cm Configurations

Patrol configurations have the optimum number of L.E.D. modules and are designed for security patrol vehicles, or customers who want an illuminated centre sign or integrate loud speaker in the middle section of the light bar. Usually fitted with front and side L.E.D. work lights, Patrol configuration light bars offer the optimum balance of warning power with added functionalities and capabilities to get the job done.

ADVANCED 120cm Configurations

Advanced configuration Flashpoint light bars contain the maximum number of flashing L.E.D. modules that can be fitted to this product providing exceptional visual warning performance especially in day time conditions. Front and side work lights are standard and corner modules are automatically upgraded to wide angle high performance L.E.D. modules for superior off-axis visibility.

Custom Built Light Bars

As the Flashpoint series light bars are assembled and configured in Sydney locally, we can pretty much accommodate most customer requests. Good examples of unique Flashpoint light bar configurations may include independent control for each colour group, alternating different coloured modules across the whole light bar, or adding solar panels for trickle charging functionality. As long as your requests are reasonable and practically possible, we can custom configure your light bar to suit your unique application.

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